Retrograde Pictorial Denim


"Stonewashed to create a metallic undertone, the denim is oversized both for wear comfort and the modern streetwear paradigm."

The 2022 Straight Pants were designed to be worn cuffed into a high-ankle boot. This arrangement creates more free volume for the bottoms, letting them rest to their natural shape.

To ensure your absolute wear comfort, we collect your height & weight at checkout, as our sizing convention is best suited for East Asian culture. Our in-house dressmaker will match your measurements to a similar fit as shown.

If you're not comfortable with the above, feel free to enter an arbitrary string of characters in the dedicated field. Alternatively, reach out to us over Instagram for more input.

Model (M) as seen at 180 cm | 5'11”, and 65 kg | 132 lbs wearing size "X-LARGE". (F) as seen at 168 cm | 5'6”, and 45 kg | 100 lbs wearing size MEDIUM. Item shown is unisex. 


The delivery is complimentary with each order, along with pre-paid tariffs, including VAT.

The waiting time will fluctuate with location, for Britain, North America, and most of Europe expect 9 business days.

To see the list of all countries, visit deliveries.