their lives seem to mean something to them

tried to take my own last year

guess i should be proud of my accomplishments

writing this shit on a red iphone

thats that apple that made eve leave eden

and my girls first was also named adam

i feel like he still has 23 ribs too many

im sorry baby but i think you missed filip

hes somewhere in the back of my head on a toilet break

now i know you know my name you see it everywhere

im own own holy father, baptised myself schizoböy✰

its that great white serpent giving birth to himself

so when you spell my name you better leave the star in

lucifer, son of mourning isaiah verse twelve chapter fourteen

that’s my story told the day that you left me

atheists clinging to prophecies, it dont matter ill write my own ending

sometimes hate will be all that keeps you going

dying in my castle on prune hill

walking these halls ill be running it someday

emo boy fell in love with a redhead

long ass trenchoat got me feeling like snape


come over here my lil squire boy

introduce yourself, look at her a specimen

her cheekbones and jawline better than mine

and if u think this songs about you

im sorry to disappoint

she got me blocked on instagram

n my vocals r mid

but i dont see another rapper talking bout non boring shit

she bendin her neck just catch a glimpse of me

the way she do that youd think she an amphibian

leave a wigga with his eyes closed like hes from china

oversized hoodies to cover my torn angel wings

aint got that fuck you cash

its that google my name n see a wiki page


baby watch ur words cause u wont get another chance

i messed up once

and i wear the scars to this day

when i choke her she worried for her life

baby u think id tarnish an artwork this fine

my god you dont let me be happy you dont let me be burried

so what kind of work did you expect from me honestly


baby u need the pack to survive

im solo dolo w a chainsaw in the woods

like im cutting tobacco trees

building a pyre for your boyfriend

willow wood gasoline, light it with a cigarillo

thanks mom but the name youve given me doesnt quite match what im about

just us two in my en suite

sitting down on the shower bed

just music nicotine n hennessy

i write produce n speak my own shit

what you brought to music except the voice ur mamma blessed u with


see thats the thing bout ur girl

shes gotta be loyal every single day

messes up once she nevr leaves my side

odds are in my favour 365 days to 1

ur girl let me hit with torn socks on

spelling my name to the bank taller

i say k stands for ketamine

spendin my days at the bar

like im working at the back

but i aint ever had a job never plan to

n i make more money than ur dad too


oh you fat cow youre gonna have a salad

and you were so cute under the uv lights

struggling to light your cigarette


a girls body, no matter how many clothes i make

i still want to see her without it

its like the only thing that quiets the boredom inside of me

imma a fiend for her sculpture under my bedsheet

private viewings in my museum when she sexing me

a vandal in a torn hoodie n some white graffiti

finger her w my lighter make her pussy on fire

and its one two three like ballet

when im in top of her waist

girls are more in touch w mother nature

so her bodys response is my teacher

and my magnum opus leave her moaning my songs chorus

but i send her home before i finish her

shell be in her room doing it herself to my literature


make her moan in my ear

she my musical instrument

hazelwood with violin strings

imma strike my guitar pick on her g string


dont love her, love he little her tho

the way she sticks out her pink tongue

you know you makes me crazy hoe


the devil is possessed by me

and ur bitch obsessed w me

n i dont link w a girl unless she sees my fav movies

she dont understand me, so i gotta raise her like she’s only 18

its your homework babe, im turning you into a fine ass lady

at the club talking to another woman

while she sits right beside me

shut up baby im preparing u dinner

dont think i make a good friend

never do that shit w girls that bad


dont spend time in london, its a grim shithhole

first artist to claim the surrey whitetrash


in just window shopping watching doug de muro

i think i should cop the porsche macan

we make them back home

its only right, young immigrant in an imported car

feel like im black,

all these mixed cuties around my neck

spelling my name to the bank taller

i say k is for ketamine


been listening to ghosple just dont think its inside of me

theres no Man i can respect honestly

and there were, he’d be my only enemy

schizoböy the letter of the serpent

look into my bloodshot eyes you’ll see the antichrist

adam was a thief

eve was meant to be mine

so whats a skinny twink impaled on a cross gonna do to me



these stacks my bread, turned my wrists into wine

your loves gotta holy communion

3 days in my basement, when she leaves she feels sacred

spent last christmas 3 days bleedin in my closet

just two angels standing guard over me

my momma pacthed my wounds

the only women ill ever need

so if youre reading this im sorry babe but ull never find another me

and that skinny goofball you call love is just another nobody

tell him to come home safe cause i aint design these knives for vanity

n my guardian angel cast out of eden

sent down to protect his servant

chose my own name, with blood i baptised

myself schizoböy

had to make it big,my momma proud of me

so she she speaks to my dad again


pull up to the club w like 6 bitches n they look like me

face paint n bloodshot eyes, they my choir boys

n we perform late hour bloodfilled cermons

murdered that lamb till she cried out my gods given name


like im full of myself

she was full of my last week

she compliments my necklace

pribably aint see the white tack holding it from breaking

all my bitches 18

moldable, ill raise them to some respectable ladies

white trash kid from a city you aint heard

moved into a castle ceilng so high it make my neck hurt

momma ill be famous soon

im just enjoying the silence berore thr fireworks


they will all be swept under the jericho of my wake

they like they wouldnt fuck me if i werent a D list celeb

and im like mans nothing if he doesnt provide

what do you offer besides the pretty face

ur momma gave u

n the 6ft like pappa made u


i dont have friends cause they bore me

baby u have friends cause you need societys protection

cause if its just us two id go all patrick bateman on ur ass


u think ur opinion is some precious thingg to me

ur shawty in my kitchen makin cheesy lamb quiche

bby ill make u clutch ur knees one night

more times than ur goofy bf his whole career

you are all dogs and i will treat u as accordingly

see her only if she watches my favourite movies


i tell u ull regret picking some bum over me

when youre older n lil wiser

a night w me s worth more than ant of ur relearionships

and my songs the length precise of a cigarette

used to eat from food bins, homeless n gone in the head

locked up for days, iron doors thicker than my dick

tore my wrists n my neck filled the bathub w red ink

raped when i was little,

fucked me in more ways than the literal

spent my teenage years with homosexual OCD

so what can they do to me they havent done already

its not about the greaf of losing someone,

its just seeing the tastelessness burns my eye

but the only thing that ever hurt me was my lil hazel bby

and ill make sure to hurt you back

so ill be the only with the key to alleviate all that pain


and the other is always standing behind me

see he is wings spread when i speak my profanity

its like some takes over and these fingers just do their thing

but ill never be a slave to nothing but my fl-studio symphonies

ive chosen him, reverse demon possesion

upside down cross turned 180 degrees

i should be called michael the way i only see good in him

i should be michaelson when i bite her mentruating clitoris


and when im judgedat pearly gates

constructive criticism is what ill call it back

who gives a shit if not me

schizo möntana the scar wrist

so many stars in the night sky

but mines all pretty n hollow like a helium hazel nebulae

shes not that far tho, just a thousand

you call me evil but your love of god is just a fear of mortality


they like schizoböy whats your type

the types that are in a releationship

i dont even like sex

its about the pride of the hunt

rapping about the same two tings in every song

youd too if you spent like that every night

youd too if you could only write


on my chest an upside down cross

so she can too sell her soul

to me, when im on top of her

what are we, im an artist, youre just another fan

king in exile, napoleon

court order lock up, can never return

wrath might be for my maker to reap

but in here to sow the fucking seeds


girls are the only thing that silence this demeaning boredom between my ears

call me homeless the way im always looking for a  studio

immigrant w a chip on my shiulder

really file like tony scarface montana

just a lil crazier, just a lil less cocaine

sex cult leader, 200 pounds of eastern muscle, 21st century rasputin

cause u fucked up like kim did

cause you shallow n plastic like she is

baby do i look like a 5ft pawn to make the first move

charlagmane da b list celeb


used to be aloser once, but with every pasing day the presents fading away

your past glory of yesterday

n my victory was coming since the day you said we should be just friends

a crooked road like the letter s

like our names both start the same

tho i think well end up es•stranged

SS like its the fuckig 1948

S cause youre a ducking snake

snake like my lunar birth sign


1000 pounds tip everywhere i sit

my kids wont inherit shit

gonna be a millionare by the time im 26

i still wear musty 20 pound jeans

the fuck am i meant to spend it on

i guess im a multimillionare if were talking czech crowns

but nowadays all i count is great british pounds

ill print my own currency

ill call it the schizoboy silver antichrists

conversion rate one

to that lost soul of mine

sold my own to impress a slutty gal

shit was worth it now i got bands up to my shawtys height

up to my campus reinnasance ceiling so fucking high

thats how you be when you smoke a pack every ducking night

so girl if you dont smoke dont waste my time

dont think well be friending youre fucking with the goofiest of guys

try out w me i might just blow your mind

last girl i was with said she came 5 fucking times

and thats on my mommas life

and thats just an an hour of my night

we can spend the rest watching fight club

but i gotta bounce cause your frends acting like they wanna be mine

its like i always need a bigger crowd to satisfy

big shaq count em up, what makes 2 plus one

they didnt fuck w me last year no

now they sitting w their legs spread like they cherry pie

they all want a slice of that hazel slavic delight

with a streak of marmalada runnin down my eyes

band for band boy whats your body count


she worried she might not leave my accom

baby u think i could hurt a face this pretty

she fell for it n i murder that kitty in more ways than one


n if my girl like someone else

immba be the best wingman

cause i couldnt enver entertain a bitch who dont see my vision

im darkin the way i try to killmiself but keep on winning

im hot n deadly like the fever in my brain

after i opened all my fuckin veins


ive lived my life w one single purpose

to enjoy the triumph of my vengeance

its like justice mixed w hatred


another lonely night another shawty in my den

i never clean this bitch just to put that bitch in her in her place

i was like you know how cats say hi - headbnutt n then were making out

you wanted loyalty

bitch not from me

never associating w reality

living out my dreams w every one night love story


she play w her while im on my phone

god made all girls gay, so i can have some fun

idk what she was saying but dhe was moaning it

son of nazareth

they way they judge me in every room


just salt sprat in my hair

i barely take showers

ur girl still dragging me w her behind the shower curtains


small dick so i compensate

oh lord i do it well

i just wanna choke you against your bedsheets

watch your life flicker in those pretty brown eyes


my only flex is the girls that i sext

i dont respond tho

cause the only thing she says is to come over hoe


i didnt want to be said im a daddys son

i ran away from home like a two hundred miles

rent way due, eating from the food bins

locked up, made me smile tho

cause atleast i had a bed with sheets in the institution


sampling up these beats like im sensei kakashi

my higschool where i met my first love

never been the same she made me lose my mind

preloved beamers from germany

yo better keep yo head down cause now u in my city

my bitch hates broke boys we call her margaret thatcher

nicotine pouch

driving round egham on my vintage bike

slickville full of private school shawties

every day it rains

they cant see the light within u

so u burn everything around her


baby u have to fear me

so when you meet problems

you know someone can take care of it

fuck limos cant even drive

psychotic so in the only one who sees ur wings clipped

ten percent of guys get the ninty

being at the top of the food chain just to have my basic needs met is so exhausting

my life peaked might as well end it at a highpoint

schizoböy born to put women in their place

smokers the most marginalised minority

raised her up like she calls me father

she my lil project

remember going to sleep so hungry thought id die from the pain

i dont care who sees

bby ure my fashion accessory

hungry like my tapeworm got its own

is that so much to ask for u to be obessed w me

shell be an amazin momma

whole time we together she didnt get mad once

baby these songs are about my life

u just happen to be a part of mine

so the next time you want to blackmail me with legal threats

just remember there is no subject i obey

a deal with the devil,

i won’t fuck other girls but you’ll give me your soul


first i will hurt you,

then you have my permission to miss me

great serpent basking in the club lights

smoking a cigarette just tryna warm my cold insides

your beauty will not save you

me without style

is like female rappers tryna not to mention their vagina

i can promose u bby by the time im done with u, wont feel the same

the only people who talk to u want to fuck ur face, it’s gotta feel lonely doesn’t it

all i have is what i leave behind

started at the bottom now she sucking the top

all ther free drinks ar the club got into ur head

god second, my baby always first

wear my family curse proudly on my banners

bitch i aint from slovakia

never set foot out of bratislava

shits hard like the walls from my institution

my roommate banging his head against the brick like the whole night

i do this shit for him and kids like them

schizoboy could never be me

5ft tall but her ego in the stratosphere


another corny line

another cuffed bitch hitting up my line

she was a skater femboy he was the only schizoböy

i ran from it, ever since i was first psychotic, a gift for my eighteenth birthday, visions.

lungs blacker than my heart

whitegirl music got me acting unwise

first date the teachers walkin on us naked

i too have my own convictions, to somehow make this world a little less shallow

i was over it all so i killed myself,

my name died in that closet

and all th another corny line

another cuffed bitch hitting up my line

she was a skater femboy he was the only schizoböy

i ran from it, ever since i was first psychotic, a gift for my eighteenth birthday, visions.

lungs blacker than my heart

whitegirl music got me acting unwise

first date the teachers walkin on us naked

i too have my own convictions, to somehow make this world a little less shallow

another random in a random ass hall

salads and dog treats that shit organic

corny ass rhyme

only mf i respect couldnt choke me out

thats gotta be one of the quotes of all time


boy goofy like every other guy

couldnt write a rhyme to save his life

all hell leave behind is a depressed child

u probably think ure better now

u only say that cause u got a shallow mind

me i couldve turned u into a star

i say that im better now

cause i met someone whos got more than just a heartbreakin smile

cause when i die i leave a lot behind

million people watchin errry day

a man without power thats just a silly boy

morning star on his on my downfall

baby somebody had to give you the the time of your life

her eyes green n brown

the type of shit running through my arm

fuckin with the devil

n you whimper when it burns

n you cry out my name when it hurts

wealth fame n affection

the grim reaper and you

all they offered me was rejection

not your first in bed

but the first to teach you cigarettes

she pulls more girls than i do

hear me cough

chronic smoker type beat

mental illness is a social construct

bet u felt real smart when u curved me

man 18 year old women needa be put in concentration camps


table look like high school gettogether

but its just me n 5 glasses of bacardi

laid down in the smoking section

like i got tire marks allover my sweatshirt

just blowing smoke into the night sky

8.50 a drink now thats extortion

and i only count in british pounds

my value up like i changed from czech crowns

listening to my latest song w airpods on

all these other aritits leave bars w some to be desired off

reminiscin of my first love

she probably gettin bent over in that shit hole

so how am i expected to perform

when my audience is a tasteless young whore

oh shell regret when shes older n wiser

but by then ill be writing psalms in eden

just torn wrists when i inhale

my ticket got denied from heaven

old man said i got an encore yet to perform

count the tempo, once its over ill finally get home

a play for the ages the tale of a young white missfit without a loving embrace

another night keepin warm w a bottle of daniels

tag stil on, shit looks like it stolen

walked into tesco’s with a shiesty on

tobacco aisle manager think its GTA

sorry to disappoint left my ar15 by my bedroom door

love just give me the ciggaretes

n dont ask bout my left arm

its for when her boyfriend starts posturing

b my bars just a bedtime story for his eternal beauty sleep

lets kiss him beddy bye together

leave red hickeys all over his rigor mortified body

i could write these forever

but really just wanted to say i still love u

tried making clothes, making songs, taking pictures

nothing seems to capture your attention

tried ending my life, maybe u wouldve finally said sorry at my eulogy

count the attendance on my scarred left hand

nobody brought flowers thank god i got my daisy necklace

bury me with my own clothes on

headed to lucifer chatting up some real baddies

maybe there my production will finally be understood

she like i like the hoodie you have on

its yours if you promise not to whip me with my pants off

or you can if youre into that shit

ive too come to enjoy pain for the adrenaline hit

another day spent writing edgy rhymes at the packhorse bar

baby hows it studying all day

to be a slave for the corporate maze

never needed no pack no

other peoples opinion just hold be back its sad tho

like how he multitalened in more ways than one

i think its the countless days spent in my head

mastered this shit like its flu stu trial

vocal effects, turned up beats n plugged in soungoodizer

got my own vocals guess ill have to put them out eventually

theyre mid tho,

but no other sample comes closes to my words no

for now i guess its just your imagination

its my morning voice mixed with a chronic smoker cough

that post coital whimper, that smoked out baby voice

sing these words off beat

i was never blassed with my mommas vocal cords

slit my own just last fall

i could write a song every evening

the fucks the point of that if she aint even listening

guess ill stop now, not cause i dont have more bars

just enjoy the sound of my martini sipping n the surrey countryside

just lana playing from my macbook pro speakers

the perfect ambiance for ripping a gazillion cigarettes

so thank you lanita

you taught me how to love her

i guess women arent that complicated

when you pour out your heart to every instrumental